Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dumpster in a Bag

So here it is, despite my grumbling to the contrary, the maiden voyage of The Clutter Clinic Blog! I was skeptical of the blog at first (really, who wants to hear about all the mundane things The Clutter Clinic thinks about all day) and then I found this new product and couldn't believe how clever it was and couldn't wait to tell everyone about it.

Once I find a product I love, I can't stop talking about it. This one is called, "The Bagster" and it's put out by Waste Management. Basically it's a dumpster in a bag that you can set up in your driveway. You purchase the folded up dumpster at various hardware stores (or online @ Home Depot or Amazon) for around $30. You take it home, set it up, fill it up & then call WM and for $170 they come cart away 3,300 lbs of your crap! How awesome is that? Check out the videos on their site, it's quite impressive.

I can think of a thousand uses for this in my business (cleaning out attics, garages, basements, estates, moving, etc) but a more pressing need is personal, which as far as I'm concerned is always the best way to test new products out!

Currently at The Clutter Clinic central, we have been showering in a 1966 green themed bathroom that is quite literally falling apart. Yes, it is hard to believe that ANYONE over the age of twelve thought that a green matching tub, toilet, sink, tile & ceramic toilet paper roll was a great idea, but believe it. I have the pictures to prove it. The one design epiphany that I must applaud, call out, & might actually keep, was the decision to break up that green sea of love by throwing in a scattered tricolor mosaic floor just for funsies. Now THAT took some forward thinking!

Although we had the good taste & funds to replace the sink, toilet & toilet paper roll holder a few years back, I decided (and in hindsight, not rightly) to turn the remaining elements into an artsy showcase replete with a textured swirled ceiling & walls painted with a purple glaze & accents. (Well, what else was I going to do with all that green???)

Although it never got finished (the broken plate mosaic backsplash never came to fruition) I've been gutting this thing in my mind for about 4 years and now that the tile is falling off the wall in the shower area at an alarming rate, the job won't be so bad. Easy in fact.

So, despite protests from other more sane family members ( it is our only shower, we have two teenagers living at home, we have to move the poorly designed & tragically placed window from the shower area to a more logical position, like to a wall without a constant stream of water), as soon as the temperature drops this fall that baby is getting reality gutted & The Bagster will be PERFECT to hold all that bad karma taken from the groovy 50 year old design mistake!

Of course the other thing I forgot to mention about this project was that I'm going to do most of the work myself (hey, I watched the Home Depot tiling demo one time & HGTV is my favorite channel).

I wonder if The Bagster comes with marriage counseling? Hey, now that's a great idea, "call Starkist".

Stay tuned...